Tool Box Hapkido

About Master Frank Fedele.

Has been teaching at a variety of locations since receiving his 1st degree in 2002.

Began his training in martial arts in 1999 taking up Taekwondo and Hapkido at Martial Arts USA in Frederick, MD. Through hard work and a love for the art, earned a black belt in both disciplines, reaching 2nd degree in November of 2003.

Wanting to explore something with a little harder edge, he trained a more hard style martial arts for a couple of years with Master Mike Bolding at Premier Martial Arts, but ultimately came back to Hapkido @ Korean Martial Arts in Frederick.

Was eventually promoted to 4th degree in Hapkido in March of 2009 under the Korean Hapkido Federation and Grand Master Hee Wk Kim, was then promoted to 5th degree in Hapkido in July of 2012.

He wrote two books Tool Box Hapkido I and Tool Box Hapkido II. The books are technique oriented from a variety of situations. Has also taught seminars using the information contained in the books at multiple locations in Maryland with students of various levels of experience.